We are an ambitious global investment holding company, imbued with a belief that we can change the world.

Why We Exist

At Goldguard Holdings we believe our purpose is to ‘be the change’. In an ever increasingly complex and evolving world it is often the case that the way we live and work, continues the way that it does because ‘its just the way things are’.

It is our strong belief at Goldguard that if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. We believe that we were put on this planet to ‘be the change’.


The worlds most successful people and businesses see the change before it becomes obvious. It is our mission to invest in those changes, so we can look back knowing we made our own impact and in turn made the world a better place.


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

– Steve Jobs

Who We Are

Goldguard is a young and ambitious global investment holding company with interests, subsidiaries, partnerships, portfolio companies and investments in real estate, private equity, venture capital and fintech.

We have over 20 portfolio companies and investments currently operating across 4 continents.

Our intent is to effectively deploy an investment approach that identifies global macro economic themes that will unlock value throughout market cycles and change the way things work for the better. By actively focusing on realising an assets full potential through active asset management, the creation of real value and securing a timely path to exit, we aim to create a win-win-win scenario for our partners, shareholders and global societies alike.


The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.

– Mark twain

What We Do

We invest in people first, not companies.

We look for growing people and businesses that are transforming sectors. It is imperative that each investment that we make, first of all matches with our values of balance, alignment and impact, whilst achieving significant cultural, commercial and social outcomes.


We know we can’t make change happen by ourselves. We work with all kinds of partners all over the world, who have in common the drive to improve how the world works. We bring together our ever growing eco-system of trusted partners to work alongside our investments to make change happen.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

– Helen Keller

How We Do It

At Goldguard our investment philosophy is committed to the following 3 principles:

Partnerships not investments

It is our belief that the real value of any investment stems from the full alignment and commitment of its shareholders, management teams and wider workforce. We invest with our values first and foremost, to achieve the greatest outcomes.

A patient approach

We are patient investors that seek opportunities with great long term potential to change the world. We have a focused and disciplined mindset that focuses on a long term commitment to our investments and partners.

Active management

Our aim is to support our partners in our core areas of expertise, including but not restricted to, strategy, corporate finance, business development, growth management and exit readiness.

Our approach to investing is a commitment to adding value. If we can’t add value we don’t invest. Our value addition to our portfolio companies is focused on our core capabilities:

  • Strategy

    Every portfolio company, no matter how large or small, must start with a clear strategy and defined path to exit. Working closely with our partners, we ensure this aligns the goals of the portfolio business with the vision and values of Goldguard.

  • Corporate Finance

    Our focus will always be on creating value and producing the greatest outcomes. To do that businesses need investment. From raising capital to the deployment of capital and every in between, we partner with the best people to ensure our investments succeed year on year.

  • Business Development

    We utilise our business development strategy by essentially developing new business opportunities from within our eco-system. It underpins the main business plan of any investment and can create an approach for developing new opportunities by proactively targeting new clients and potentially new markets.

  • Growth Management

    Growth in a business is what every owner wants to see. A big issue with growth is the ability of the business to manage and evolve simultaneously with it. Our growth management systems helps businesses navigate through this successfully.

  • Exit Readiness

    Most businesses rarely prepare for the exit process properly, leading them to a loss in value or worst still, failure to close a deal. We work with our partners to ensure businesses know what to look out for and better still what to protect against.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

– Prof. Michael Porter

Portfolio Companies

Below are Goldguard Holdings key operating companies at the helm of managing and developing investments and businesses across multiple industries worldwide:

FSI Global is a wholly owned UAE subsidiary of Goldguard Holdings focused on venture capital.
Goldguard is a wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary of Goldguard Holdings focused on fintech.
Alcott & Argyle is a wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary of Goldguard Holdings investing in residential, commercial, land and property management.

Our Location

Goldguard is located in the heart of Hong Kong, the home of a dynamic economy driven by the principles of free trade and free markets. We take inspiration from our location and it’s rich business heritage.

Hong Kong is strategically located in the heart of Asia. It is the financial hub and gateway to doing business in Asia.

China is already challenging the US as a hub for global technological innovation, particularly in areas such as big data and renewable energy. As these changes come to pass, they will undoubtedly influence political alliances and the stewardship of the global economy.

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